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About Casa Nova

Situated in the heart of Santa Fe's historic Railyard district, the "SOHO" of Santa Fe, is Casa Nova. Casa Nova prides itself on recontextualizing the extraordinary art, craft and contemporary design pieces from Africa and other exotic places in the world in a cultural fusion that epitomizes "the art of living and living with art" - a painted white Tonga stool holding a black and white telephone wire basket stands next to a dramatic black and white geometric design pot by Barbara Jackson; three ochre red Zulu hats are mounted on the wall above a display of wire beaded Nguni cows; three black Zulu beer pots are placed one on top of the other as an organic contemporary sculpture. It is a dynamic, up-market gallery often referred to as "a feast of eye candy" and highly regarded for its unique blend of color, art, craft, contemporary design and furnishings. Perhaps best described as "New African," the style is contemporary, urban, edgy and vibrant with echoes of the traditional forms of old Africa and the exotic, energetic forms of New Africa.

Casa Nova is committed to supporting and nurturing local African artists, craftspeople and designers in the interest of contributing towards poverty alleviation and sustainable livelihood creation. Casa Nova collaborates with the cooperatives with whom it works in design, product development and marketing, and is very sensitive to issues of heritage and tradition, striving to assist with innovation while respecting the rich and diverse traditional cultures and techniques. The gallery's wonderful displays showcase some of the best of Africa's artistic talents.

"Helping others to help themselves" and thereby creating sustainable employment is an integral part of Casa Nova business ethos. Many of the groups that Casa Nova works with are focused on HIV/AIDS prevention and education and were formed to support those living with HIV/AIDS. For more information about these organizations please contact Casa Nova at:

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Home > About Casa Nova