Casa Nova

Natalie Fitz-Gerald

Natalie is a native of South Africa and an ever grateful citizen of the City Different, Santa Fe.

“For many years I greatly admired and personally lived with the art being produced by rural and urban cooperatives and artists in South Africa.  I knew I wanted to open a space to show and celebrate this exceptional work one day”.

Natalie founded Casa Nova in 2003 as a home for the exceptional craft and design talent of South Africa and beyond..

A gallery was born within a contemporary context to showcase rural creativity, fine craft, cutting-edge urban design and folk art.  A special emphasis was placed on the work of cooperatives which had been funded in the interest of poverty alleviation and creating sustainable livelihoods, many of them being women.


Nelly Joy Irakoze

Nelly Joy is a native of Burundi and a gem of an addition to Santa Fe.  She is truly “JOY” incarnate,  and as beautiful  inside as she is outside.

She is passionate about and totally committed to both furthering the extraordinary work of the artists, designers and cooperatives we represent and sharing her knowledge and passion with all who visit Casa Nova.

Everything she applies herself to is done with excellence and integrity.

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