Size: 44″

Ribbon Necklace by Julie Powell

Each necklace is one of a kind. Each piece is improvisational- starting with the riff of a pattern and playing with that pattern and colors along the way.

These pieces build off of my more than twenty years of off-loom beadwork, bead embroidery and textile design. They are hand woven, row by row with tiny glass seed beads from Czech Republic and Japan. Some beads are vintage. Some are from faraway lands that I have picked up on my travels. They are woven with a needle and fiber on a traditional Native American wood loom. I incorporate silk, cotton and special nylon thread into the construction for durability.

They are strong and sound, yet light and flexible. They drape beautifully. Each one combines the softness and drape of a fabric, with the mosaic, jewel-like quality of fine beadwork.

Available in 32-34” length, which is a long necklace, as well as 48-50” which can be doubled around the neck and adjusted to your preference. There is no clasp.

Wrap yourself in their joyful colors.

Categories: Accessories, Jewelry, Necklaces
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